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Small Yellow Urn- Round Reed

Small Yellow Urn- Round Reed

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After A successful music career in the public school system, Alice branched out into other forms upon retirement. She presently does water colour, jewellery, basketry and fibre art. 
Alice has been involved in basket making and beaded jewellery for the past 30 years, learning these art forms in South Carolina from master teacher Dolores Von Rosen and from Louise Mac Douglas, Windsor, ON. and from attending classes in Michigan and Ontario. Alice attends conferences and master classes throughout the United States and Canada annually and has collected beads on her travels on her travels on seven continents. She teaches basketry across Canada and in the States and at her studio in Strathroy. Her baskets and jewellery are sold at the Main Street Gallery in Bayfield, Ontario from April to December 24th annually and at the London Art Gallery Gift Shop in London, Ontario.
Classes can be arranged for four to eight people by emailing or calling Alice at the address or phone number below. 
OR by calling 519-245-2627